Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tell the Bookies Thanks for holding it for me.$$$$

This weekend has got to be mines. i thought last weekend was it but you never know in this business. here is my list im playing then i 4 pick combination all of these. N.E , SD, Oak, Pitts , SEA, NYG , Denver because my Bookie has the line set at 3 and he doesnt know more than the real Bookmakers , SF , Tenn and last but not least ATL . oddsmakers have Philly winning this game but trends and home field may not have anything to do with this game if The Falcons keep playing like they playing and the Eagles do the same then the Falcons will win this game by 6 points or more SU. Oh and my Bookie feels the same way because he has ATL-3 instead of Philly. So i had to play this game both ways. .Bet is ATL. final score 23 -17

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  1. well well well. things are finally coming thru. only SD really killed me this week. forget about Tennesse i didnt play them but 1 time. i came off the SEA just in time