Sunday, November 24, 2013

Carolina Panthers -7

im not taking the other side the way i feel its a blowout or loose. Take Carolina with me

2 more plays with a lil luck

Tampa +10 Jacksonville+10

lets get down to business

today nfl Sunday 24th my bookie has Pitt getting 3 im taking that also im taking Tenn+3 Chicago +3 Dallas+3 and imma need a lil luck also

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

i aint goin nowhere pay me!!!!!

MISSOURI is a hot team the spread is only 3 which scares me away i like Mich st also idk if i am taking any one of those teams this weekend as of right now they look like good bets


they didnt cover last week and cost me dearly theey should make up this week at home give up the touchdown

South Alabama

done covered the last few weeks aint no reason not to take em here.

i cant loose this weekend


lost badly last week now lets get it back

Georgia Tech Tennessee Vanderbilt Oklahoma St

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Eventhough this could get ugly fast for the Eagles. Im not laying the 10 points. & i feel dumb about it too.


Sure Cincy is the better team. Cleveland is playing with pride and heart at home. Give me the points My Bookie has it at 7.

get ya picks DEAD BOLTS

IND Wash Balt Houst

Friday, September 27, 2013

oh im back at it

goin in and not falling for the okey doke. Every week tune in for my insight and opinion based onmy own research and constant viewing instincts and knowledge of the game


Wyomig San Diego st SC Kent St


FLo always krushes KTY whatever the spread is.


REALLY? LSU a dog in this game. Prove it!1 Im taking LSU


if ts any team that will go anywhere and kick butt its Tom Brady & N.E Patriots. My instincts tell me that ATL wins a close 1 at home. My bookie has ATL +3 so i hopped on it

Baltimore RAvens

this gotta be the most dead bolt lock if i ever saw 1. so much that they made it to appealing so im not goin all in with this spread being so low..REMEMBER LAST YEAR vs KC.

nfl free picks week 4

Houston Wash Atl IND

my picks for NCAAF Week 5

oreg st uab Lsu flor BG

trick games or stay away games for NFL

NE SEA Balt Dall at least 2 of these teams will loose ATS or maybe even SU

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trick game or stay away from game of the week

we all know every week in the NFL it is 1 or 2 upsets or trick games ATS and SU The Bookies Nightmare is now giving away his opinion based on his own knowledge of the game itself, information and years of expertise

My Top 4 Picks in NFL Week 4

imma also give you my staw away from or trick games of the week.

Its only Week 5 Did u miss me?

coming up my top 5 picks this week in NCAAF

Better to be Late to show up than Never show at all

The Bookies Nightmare is back on line

Thursday, March 14, 2013